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Chapter Formation Grants

In support of membership growth and the development of new regional chapters, the INS is pleased to announce its Chapter Foundation Grant. Grants will be awarded pending a review of the organizers’ mission and with the understanding that the following terms must be fulfilled by the recipient(s):

  1. Each recipient of the subsidy must already be a member of the INS, or become a member before applying for the grant and holding an organizational meeting.
  2. Each recipient will not only retain his or her membership, but also work to create a viable Chapter within one year of the receipt of the grant, and remain in regular contact with the INS Executive Office to report his/her progress. Those who are unable to form a chapter within this timeframe will be expected to recruit a significant number of members from their region to join the INS, and to continue their efforts to successfully establish a chapter.

If you are interested in forming a new chapter and applying for the grant, you are encouraged to notify the INS Executive Office and provide the following details:

  1. Name and complete contact details
  2. Names and contact details of collaborators
  3. Country or region in which the chapter will be formed
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Estimated number of members
  6. Time frame for forming the chapter

The criteria for forming a National Chapter are to:

  1. recruit at least 20 paid members
  2. write bylaws in accordance with the INS's bylaws
  3. welcome members of all disciplines
  4. organize a scientific meeting annual
    (either independently or with another Chapter / Chapters of the INS)
  5. establish the chapter as a nonprofit organization in its country of origin
  6. establish a financially independent entity
  7. maintain a website (preferably as part of the INS's global website)
  8. report regularly to the Executive Office of the INS

Abstract Competition

Starting with an inaugural competition at its 12th World Congress in 2015 in Montreal, the INS has recognized the five top INS congress research abstracts for their quality, originality and ingenuity in basic or clinical science:


New Investigator Competition Results, 2009 - 2010

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